Brad's Announcement Sermon

The weekend of January 12/13, Brad announced that he will be leaving his role as the Senior Pastor of Two Rivers Church. Through the last half of 2018, God made it clear to both he and Beth, along with the elders at Two Rivers Church that the time for his moving on from this role is sooner rather than later.

Brad will remain part of our teaching team through May 2019 and will then step into a season of rest followed by a new ministry. Brad and Beth intend to remain a part of Two Rivers Church as they move into this new phase of life.

A vote was held during services the weekend of February 9/10 allowing members to affirm the Elder’s decision and officially make Mark Hoffman our new Senior Pastor. The vote was overwhelming in favor of the Elder’s recommendation. Learn more about Mark and his wife, Terri, above.

During services the weekend of February 16/17, the church celebrated the installation of Mark Hoffman as the Lead Pastor of Two Rivers Church. Brad officially passed the baton to Mark.

The weekend of March 2/3, it was announced that Tim Bubar will be the Campus Pastor for our third campus, currently in planning stages. to be located in the Bearden area.

We ask that as we proceed, you continue to partner with us in prayer. Find a link to specific prayer points and opportunities to pray above.


What’s Next?

As a church, we are clear that God has given us a vision to Multiply. At the core of this vision is a passion to see people experience the life transforming power of Jesus. God has given us some specific strategies in order to see more people meet Jesus personally – the largest of which is to launch new campuses in order to reach new people. We continue to pursue the launch of a third campus and believe we are on track to see this new campus become a reality in the next year.


Why is Mark’s title “Lead Pastor”?

While our by-laws require that Mark be voted on as “Senior Pastor” that title does not reflect the leadership style or structure of where we believe God is leading us in our vision to Multiply. Therefore, Mark has become our first Lead Pastor. The change in name from Senior Pastor is more than semantics. This new title represents a shared leadership structure, which we have referred to as a new leadership paradigm.


What is the “new leadership paradigm” we have heard about?

The driving question through this process of transition is, “What ministry structure allows us to see God’s vision for us to Multiply become reality?” The answer we believe is in a decentralized team-based approach to ministry. A team-based ministry structure will allow us to see every campus join in a larger church movement while allowing each campus to develop specifically to reach their surrounding community. In this model, campus pastors are both empowered and responsible to see that the ministry is carried out with excellence at their specific campus. There are also pastoral roles to ensure we have equipped people for ministry at each campus and that we are staying true to the mission and vision God has called us to as a church.

We are also committed to a team-based approach to our weekend teaching in our worship gatherings. Having a teaching team allows us to have multiple voices that connect with multiple types of people. Through this process we desire to see a teaching team personality emerge, where no matter who is teaching on a weekend you know it will be biblical, relevant, authentic, and applicable to daily life. The foundation for all our teaching is that following Jesus is about building our lives upon the truth of God’s Word and being empowered by the Holy Spirit – in other words, a real relationship with the Jesus who is in us!


Why hire a Campus Pastor for our current Harrison Lane Campus?

Campus pastors are invested in the overall ministry of their campus and are an essential piece to developing an empowered and decentralized leadership structure to allow the vision to Multiply to flourish. Mark and other pastoral staff have carried the campus pastor function for our current Harrison Lane Campus. Given the change in Mark’s role, it is a strategic time to make the shift to having a campus pastor focused on the ministry at each campus. As we hire a campus pastor at our current Harrison Lane Campus, we have an opportunity for him to get to know who we are as he helps ensure the ministries of this campus are carried out with excellence. This new pastor will also join our teaching team.



Although the informational meetings have already been held, we still welcome your questions and comments on the transition. You can fill out the “Questions?” form or email the Transition Team at: