I want to serve.


Love Serves 2020 begins now!

 The goal of Love Serves is to remind each of us that church is not the building but the people on mission with Jesus. Last year, the “church left the building” and spent a Sunday serving our neighbors throughout our communities. We were able to serve our neighbors to demonstrate the love of Jesus in tangible ways. We planned to once again “leave the building” the weekend of April 19/20. However, the current Coronavirus pandemic has provided us the opportunity for love to serve, now!

Beginning immediately, each one of us has the opportunity to be the church in our community. While there are limitations due to physical distancing and closures, being a “neighbor” is possible. Be aware as to what God is asking you to “say, yes” to. As the Holy Spirit inspires you to meet a need, do so. We’d love to celebrate with you and encourage others to do the same. Please share that God is on the move by texting ‘2rcyes’ to 21000 or go to 2rc.tv/sayyes.