Say Yes! – Mark Hoffman Installation Service

Speaker: Brad Brinson

Date: 2019-02-17


Say Yes! – Saying Yes to Lead

Speaker: Brad Brinson

Date: 2019-02-10

What does it look like to say Yes to leading in a way that pleases God? This weekend we will look at a leader who started out with an immediate failure, paid his dumb tax, and grew. In the end he became a leader who exemplifies what it looks like to say ‘YES’ to God.  BULLETIN

Say Yes! – Learning to Say Yes!

Speaker: Brad Brinson

Date: 2019-02-03

Maybe you have never thought about it before, but what if there is common process that most of us share as we learn to say YES to God? I suspect Philip’s story told in the Book of Acts is there to encourage us to continue to learn to say YES in the same way Philip did.  BULLETIN

Say Yes! – Growing Faith

Speaker: Dave Gruhn

Date: 2019-01-27

Over the past two weeks we have heard from both Brad and Mark about their say, “yes” stories as we step into the next chapter in the life of Two Rivers Church. Our prayer for you, is that you would see where Jesus is inviting you to take the next step of faith in your life both personally and as a part of this church family. That leads us to this week’s driving question, “How do we grow our faith?”  BULLETIN

Say Yes! – Calling

Speaker: Mark Hoffman

Date: 2019-01-20

Same story. . . different seat. Brad and Beth’s announcement last weekend may have come as a surprise to you. I know it was initially for me! But we are excited for them as they live out their say, “yes” story stepping in faith to follow Jesus. If you missed last weekend please watch Brad’s message at

This weekend I’m sharing the same story but from a different seat. Over the past few months God has revealed to Brad, the Elders, our Lead Team, and to me that He has called me to lead the next chapter of Two Rivers Church. This weekend I’m sharing that calling with our entire church family.  BULLETIN

Say “Yes!”

Speaker: Brad Brinson

Date: 2019-01-13

How does God lead us when He calls us to shift our trajectory and plans, leading us so we will be confident to go in a new direction? This weekend Jesus explains to a religious man the difference between being led by the Spirit of God and being self-directed…and, what must happen in him to be guided in this new way. I will share with you our “yes” story as Beth and I are being directed in new ways.  BULLETIN

Say Yes! – A Cross-Shaped “Yes!”

Speaker: Dave Gruhn

Date: 2019-01-06