Provide food for Eaton Elementary School students

Type: a hands-on
Suitable For: groups, individuals, families
Location: Knox County, Loudon County
Cause: Feeding Programs

Nearly half of the students at Eaton Elementary School qualify for the free or reduced price lunch program, which helps keep them fed during the school week. However, when they go home for extended breaks—such as Fall Break, Christmas, and Spring Break—they and their families often face food shortages.

To help alleviate these shortages over these extended school breaks, Two Rivers Church helps buy, package, and transport food to Eaton Elementary for the school officials to then distribute to selected families.

This opportunity is suitable for either groups or individuals. Possible activites include:

  • Help transport the food from the grocery to Two Rivers Church (requires trucks and/or trailors capable of hauling heavy weights)
  • Package the food into boxes suitable for the Eaton families to pick up at Two Rivers Church
  • Help prepare the church for the event including setup and provision of a breakfast treat for Eaton families
  • Arrange for a translator (as needed)
  • Help distribute the boxes to the Eaton families, and then help clean up the church when the distribution is complete
  • Transport any undistributed boxes of food to Eaton Elementary School
  • Unload the boxed food at Eaton Elementary School and help school officials stage it for distribution (and participate if possible)

These events take place one full week before Fall, Christmas, and Spring Break. Food packing typically takes place on Friday afternoon or evening. Food distribution takes place on Saturday morning.


Debbie Begbie
Phone: 865-806-5919