Support Street Hope TN activities

Type: a hands-on, a fundraising, a prayer-related
Suitable For: groups, individuals
Location: Knox County
Cause: Human Trafficking

Street Hope TN is a faith-based organization whose mission is leading churches, community organizations, and individual volunteers on a comprehensive path to end Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST) in Tennessee and the United States. They do this by:

  • Bringing awareness and light to the dark issue of DMST to our churches and community
  • Mobilizing the church of Jesus Christ to engage in its elimination
  • Leading a community-wide men’s initiative to address the pornography/sex addiction source of demand that leads to child sexual exploitation
  • Providing safe environments for child victims of sex trafficking to heal
  • Providing a holistic, Christ-centered approach to physically, spiritually, and emotionally restoring exploitation victims to their true identity as loved, significant, and valuable to God
  • Partnering with other like-minded organizations—those focused on sex trafficking, working with children, or specializing in Christ-centered restoration


Additional Info

Link to Partner Organization:

Street Hope TN

Location of work:
7709 Ewing Rd.
P.O. Box 1170
Powell, TN  37849

Opportunity Details

Street Hope has volunteer opportunities suitable for either groups or individuals. These opportunities center around their mission to raise awareness of DMST and generally involve hosting an event so people in your circle of influence (church, work, school, or neighborhood) can learn about this issue. Once you share information about your group, Street Hope will work with you to provide a speaker best suited to your needs. Please download the Speaker Request form and email or mail it back to Street Hope. They will then begin the process of partnering with you.

Street Hope is always looking for prayer partners to help advance their mission against DMST. This prayer opportunity would be approprite for either a group or an individual. If you are interested in undertaking this opportunity, please review their Prayer Guide by clicking here.

Raising funds to help Street Hope continue its mission to end DMST is a service opportunity suitable for either groups or individuals. Use your creativity to find ways to raise money and awareness, and then donate in person or through the organization’s website.



Devin Payne, Executive Director
Phone: (865) 233-6780