You may have questions regarding the transition in leadership or from 2 to 3 campuses. We have answered some questions below that we believe many of you may have and ask that you let us know of any other questions you have. Either fill out the form at the bottom of this page or email us!
Succession has been an important conversation with Brad, Mark, and the Elders over the past several years. More recently, Brad has felt a change may be coming sooner rather than later. As the church looks to a restructure of its leadership model with the expansion to a third campus, and given the healthy state of Two Rivers Church, Brad felt it was right to engage the succession now so that the church could smoothly continue momentum forward.
This feels sudden. Why is this the first we are hearing of this?

Conversations about pastoral succession often feel sudden to churches. It is a leadership conversation and our Elders have been talking, praying and considering for a long time. They are unified and in agreement that this is right for Brad and Two Rivers Church.


Why was Mark Hoffman chosen as Brad’s successor?

Brad and Mark have shared leadership for the past several years and there is a great deal of affection and trust there, so it was a natural option from that standpoint. But even more, when looking at the gifts and strengths of a successor who would lead well in a collaborative, team-based leadership structure Mark was an ideal choice.


When will this change take place?

Officially, Brad will “pass the baton” of leadership to Mark following the congregational vote on the February 9/10 weekend. Brad will remain part of the Teaching Team at Two Rivers Church until May, when Brad & Beth will then step into God’s vision for their next season of life & ministry.


When will the new leadership structure be put into place?

The leadership structure shift will likely take place in March. A Transition Team has been put into place to support Mark and work with him to handle the organizational restructure which will not change how the congregation experiences ministries or weekend services. Two Rivers Church will continue to use a Teaching Team for weekend messages as we move into the future.


Following the succession, will Brad and Beth continue to be a part of Two Rivers Church?

Yes, they will. But there will be a season when they will intentionally step away in order that the “muscle memory” of the people can be retrained to look to a new model of leadership, led by Mark Hoffman. Following that season, they will return to full volunteer participation as active and supportive Two Rivers Church members.


What is next for the Brinsons?

They are excited to explore what God has next for them! They plan to take some time to travel and be with family. Brad has plans to coach church planters and travel to give support to pastors leading churches in other countries. Undoubtedly, God will use them in some significant way, just as He has here at Two Rivers. We are excited to watch and see how the Lord leads them!


I have some additional questions. Where can I go for more information?

Several informational meetings have been planned, and we hope you attend. You can stay up to date right here on this website as well. If you have any questions for the Transition Team you are welcome to fill out the form at the bottom of this page or email them at

Informational Meetings:
1. Tuesday, January 22 | 6:30-7:30P | Harrison Lane Campus
2. Tuesday, January 29 | 6:30-7:30P | Roane County Campus
3. Tuesday, February 5 | 6:30-7:30P | Harrison Lane Campus


What can I do?

Pray! Pray through specific prayer points for our leadership, staff and congregation. Also, join us for Church Wide Prayer for Mark & Terri and for Brad & Beth.

Find specific prayer points HERE.

February 13 – For Mark & Terri | 6:30P | Harrison Lane Campus
May 15 – For Brad & Beth | 6:30P | Harrison Lane Campus 

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