Active Membership or Attendance

Two Rivers Church performs weddings primarily for those who are active members or regular attendees for a minimum of one year. Two Rivers Church believes in adequate preparation of the couple’s hearts is crucial to laying a strong foundation and a healthy start to a marriage. We want to help you prepare for your marriage as a lifetime, lasting relationship with Christ as the center.

Minimum of 6-months prior to wedding

1. Contact the Two Rivers Church pastor you would like to officiate your wedding.

The fee for an officiating pastor is included in the wedding event fees charged by Two Rivers Church. These fees include overseeing premarital counseling, ceremony planning, rehearsal, ceremony, and marriage documentation. If your ceremony is off-site, personal expenses (meals, lodging, travel expenses, etc.) need to be given consideration.

Visiting Officiant: In an effort to ensure weddings at Two Rivers are in alignment with the scriptures, we require visiting officiants to be a current or former pastor, in good standing with and licensed or ordained by a local church. Before being permitted to officiate in the church, a visiting officiant must agree verbally or in writing with the Two Rivers Statement of Faith. Those not in agreement need to discuss their differences with the Supervising Pastor. If the differences are on major issues of doctrine, the visiting officiant will not be permitted to officiate at Two Rivers. This matter must be cleared before a date for the wedding will be confirmed on the church calendar. 

2. Submit a Wedding Request Form. Please allow 7 business days for processing.

  • Requests for equipment, rooms, kitchen, etc. must be included so that approval can be given from each ministry and resources can be made available. This includes use of the kitchen or kitchen items.
  • All wedding parties, with permission from the Facilities Director, are able to set up for their own event with a Two Rivers Church host present. Tear down and clean-up will be done by the church based on room and service fees. To inquire about an exception, please email the Facilities Director.
  • Meet with the Facilities Director who will schedule your wedding on the calendar and go over next steps. Submit 50% deposit to reserve the Facility.
  • Facilities are available Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM with the following exceptions. The main worship center is unavailable for weddings on Saturdays. Also, wedding ceremonies on a Saturday in the Student Center must conclude before 5:00 PM to avoid confusion with our regular Saturday night service.
  • A Two Rivers Church host will be present during all decorating, rehearsal, and wedding. They are there to assist with any needs you may have.
  • Décor & set up must comply with the facility policy and must be approved by the Facility Director in advance. Wedding parties should come equipped with all needed supplies for decorating (scissors, 3M tabs, etc.). 3M tabs are the only approved way to hang anything. Please do not use tape anywhere or on any surface. Use of glitter, confetti and flower petals are prohibited. Church Décor (plants, trees, furniture, etc.) should not be moved.
  • Other than service dogs, no animals are permitted in the building. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case need. All such requests must be cleared by the Facilities Director, and if approved the animal must remain in a crate or on a leash.
  • Two Rivers Church is a smoke free environment. Smoking or vaping is not permitted inside the building or within the immediate vicinity of any entryway.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of other controlled substances is not allowed anywhere on Two Rivers Church property. People under the influence will be asked to leave and are subject to criminal charges.
  • Any plan to change, add or take away from facility walls, décor, ceilings, signage, or flooring must be submitted in writing and approved by the Facilities Director. Should you find that you need to make last minute changes to your setup or have additional needs, you must call the Facilities Director to coordinate, if possible. Any last-minute changes or additions to setup will incur an additional charge.

3. Schedule you premarital counseling session. Because of the time commitment necessary to complete these sessions, a wedding request should be made a minimum of 6 months in advance.

  • Complete an online Prepare-Enrich assessment for your premarital counseling. Prepare-Enrich online assessment provides a comprehensive picture of the strengths, expectations, and growth areas of your marriage.

You’ll be asked to schedule 4 to 5 sessions to cover the material. Your assessment is confidential and will only be seen by those directly involved in your premarital counseling.

4. Complete Facilities Use & Waiver of Liability Agreement.

2-months prior to wedding

1. Meet with the officiating pastor and discuss ceremony details.
2. Meet with the Facilities Director for rooms and space that are to be used.
3. Meet with the Tech or Production Director to discuss any specific audio/visual needs for the ceremony.
4. Schedule rehearsal times with the officiating pastor.

• The fee for an officiating pastor is included in the wedding event fees charged by Two Rivers Church. These include overseeing premarital counseling, ceremony planning, rehearsal, ceremony, and marriage documentation. If your ceremony is off-site, personal expenses (meals, lodging, travel espenses, etc.) need to be given a consideration.

2-weeks prior to wedding

1. Submit the remaining 50% of payment for facilities use fees.
2. Provide the Tech or Production Director with any audio, video, slideshows, or photographs that will be used during the ceremony.
3. Communicate with the Facilities Director any last minute changes or needs. Any last minute changes or additions to setup within 1 week of the wedding will incur an additional charge.

Campus Contacts

Cybil Murray, Campus Coordinator

Brian McKinley, Facilities Director

Jesse Jones, Production Director