The Well is a place where we enter into the presence of the Lord through worship & prayer.

The Well is not meeting in July, we will see you in August!


The Well starts at 6:30pm and ends around 8:30pm every Wednesday in the River Room.  Feel free to come when you can and to stay as long as you can! The Well is very simple to participate in. We usually begin by having a short word from the leadership team on the direction of the evening. After an opening prayer, the worship team moves into worship music.

Worship music continues throughout the evening and at appropriate times folks verbally speak prayers they sense the Lord wants released to the group. Of course, personal prayer between individuals and the Lord is going on throughout the evening. On many evenings towards the end of our time we stop and ask if anyone present would like to be prayed for specifically by small groups of others.



Do I Have To Pray Out Loud?
Absolutely not! There is never any pressure for anyone to pray out loud if they are not comfortable doing so. Many people come just to soak in the Lord’s presence and pray to/listen to Him privately. However, we encourage folks to release public prayers if they sense the Lord is leading them to do so and to trust in His goodness and strength if they are nervous doing this the first few times.


What’s The Deal With Using Microphones?
The River Room is set up so people are free to scatter (and usually do!) all over the room. When public prayers are released, we ask the pray-er to come to a microphone to make sure everyone in the room can hear their prayer. This gives others the opportunity to agree with the prayer they just heard and to pray it back to the Lord; it also gives the Holy Spirit the chance to prompt others to pray for the same topic in maybe a different way. Finally, it gives our worship team advance warning that a prayer is about to be released so they can adjust the volume of the music they are playing.


Can I Release Public Prayers at Any Time?
In order to show honor to each other, we ask that only one person pray using the microphone at a time and only when the worship team is not engaged in “active worship”. Everyone is free to agree verbally with the person praying at the microphone if you so desire. Additionally, there may be times when the worship team may ask all participants to pray verbally to the Lord in unison. Don’t worry about this… it’s not hard to figure out and you’ll be an expert after your first evening!


What Posture Can I Take During Worship?
Any biblically recognized posture that is God honoring is OK! Sitting, standing, kneeling, laying prostrate on the floor, walking around, the lifting of hands and voices, dancing and the waving of flags or banners are all appropriate ways to show honor to God. No one is being judged at “The Well” so feel free to worship the Lord as He prompts you!


Is The Well Only For 2RC Members?
Absolutely not! Feel free to invite friends, family, children (parents please use wisdom when bringing the kids), coworkers, neighbors or anyone else you think would be blessed by spending time in the presence of the Lord.


Who Can I Talk To If I Have More Questions?
Please contact Bruce Wagner at (865) 966-3604 or Danny Matthews in the office or at