Did you know God designed you to live & serve in community? God is actively involved in connecting people for mutual encouragement, growth & support. Within a Group community, you can face life with the kind of love & support God has intended.
 Pray for God’s guidance, and be bold. Take the step into life-changing community.

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Easy ON & OFF Ramps

ON Ramp
Three times per year, we have Group Sign Ups on campus and online.

2020/2021 Group Sign Up Dates:
August 22-30
January 2-10
March 20- March 28


OFF Ramp
Our groups meet for about 10 weeks and then everyone has the opportunity to continue on with the same group, switch groups or take a break.

Need help finding or switching groups? Contact our Groups Assistant at any time.



Multiple Options

You can select a group based on life stage, gender, time, location or topic. We have men’s, women’s, coed, young adult, care, recovery, topical, and service groups.




Coed groups are usually sermon based and rally around applying the weekend message to everyday life. Each week, the discussion/application questions are included in the bulletin (available during services or online).

Men’s, Women’s, Care, Recovery & Topical groups discuss and apply specific Bible passages, themes, or topical Christian books to real life.



Realistic Calendar

Our quarterly approach builds in natural breaks over the summer, Christmas and spring break. While community never stops, group meetings do – freeing people to rest, connect with neighbors and coworkers and take advantage of summer training opportunities.

2020-2021 Groups Calendar


For sermon based curriculum, follow our weekly sermon outline & guide.

This Week's Sermon & Bulletin

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Connect Today

If you are not currently in a Growth Group, reach out to us today to learn more about ways you can get connected. We are also always looking to improve and would value your feedback related to our Groups’ registration process or your current Group experience.
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Groups Team

Bart Pederson

Groups & Men’s Ministry Pastor

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Groups Assistant

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