We believe that growth happens in smaller settings than a weekend service. Groups are our primary strategy for connection, discipleship and ministry.

Welcome To Groups

All throughout the Bible, Jesus’ ministry and the New Testament church we see God intentionally calling people to share life and serve together.
This is why we do Groups.

2RC Groups Model

Easy ON & OFF Ramps

ON Ramp
Each quarter there is a super visible group registration for several weekends on campus.

OFF Ramp
Our groups meet for about 10 weeks and then everyone has the opportunity to continue on with the same group, switch groups or take a break.


Multiple Options

You can select a group based on life stage, gender, time, location or topic. We have men’s, women’s, coed, young adult, care and recovery groups.


Sermon Based

Coed groups usually rally around applying the weekend message to ordinary life. A weekly study guide based on the sermon provides questions for personal reflection, group discussion and real life application. This approach honors all learning styles and makes discussion easier because we have all heard the same message.


Realistic Calendar

Our quarterly approach builds in natural breaks over the summer, Christmas and spring break. While community never stops, group meetings do – freeing people to rest, connect with neighbors and coworkers and take advantage of summer training opportunities.


Big Rocks

While our ultimate goal is to develop friendships where Word & Spirit meet life, we focus on growth in five areas aligning with our mission. Sharing life in caring community and developing lifestyles of prayer, discipleship, worship and service.


Common Questions

When can I register?

Group Registration happens three times a year, in the spring, fall and winter.

While group sign ups are open, you can find a group online or at one of the tents in the lobby during weekend services.

If at any time you need assistance, we would love to help you, just contact one of the Groups Team members below.

Wade In is a 5 week overview of 2RC, and our membership class, that we hold every Fall, Winter & Spring. It would be a great next step to learn why we do what we do.


Which group should I choose?

Pray and listen for God’s guidance. Often, people select a group that best aligns with their life stage, calendar and desires for growth.

What if I attend for the first time and it is not a fit or my schedule changes?

That’s completely fine. Notify our Groups Assistant and the groups team will help you find another group option. God is actively involved in placing us with people who will help us grow and mutually sharpen each other. A common phrase we hear often is, “I would not have picked these people, but they are exactly what I needed at this time.”


What if I have a desire to lead a group?

Awesome! Our primary commitment is to your personal growth, health and gifting. The groups team would love to explore group leadership with you, so contact our Groups Assistant. Typically, group leaders are members of 2RC (having completed Wade In) and have participated in a group for at least one quarter. Shepherding/leadership gifts, strong relational skills, capacity and personal walk with Jesus are the main attributes of faithful group leaders.

Groups Team

Bart Pederson

Groups & Men’s Ministry Pastor


Kaitlyn Smith

Groups Assistant


Group Leader Interest Form

Are you interested in exploring group leadership at Two Rivers? Please fill out this form, and we will be in touch!