What if retirement wasn’t the finish line, but a command performance that brings out the very best a person has to offer:  wisdom, skill, experience, giftedness, knowledge, time and confidence. Encore Ministry endeavors to cast a God-sized vision for helping retirees build a Kingdom-based legacy, launch relational environments to go shoulder to shoulder to make a gospel impact, and bond with a fun and supportive community.

Encore will be hosting a simulcast of the 2022 Grandparenting Legacy Summit on October 20–21 at the Harrison Lane Campus. This conference is for you if:
  • You want to see your grandchildren follow Christ
  • You desire to leave a lasting legacy of love
  • You want to influence generations of your family for Christ
If you want more information, please click here! If you are ready to register, click the link below. If you register soon and use the “THANKYOU” code, you can get an early bird discount!!



The prayer bridge is designed to provide prayer support for the Encore Community. This includes personal needs and concerns of individual participants and their families, as well as praying for God’s direction for Encore Ministry as we move forward. Prayer requests will be posted as received on the Encore Realm Group (Prayer Bridge-6) making it personal to Encore.



The goal of the Care Bridge is to provide a pathway to connect with and support individuals who find themselves in circumstances that make it difficult to attend church or otherwise benefit from 2RC support groups. This Bridge provides Encore members the opportunity to join the 2RC Care Visitation Team to make hospital visits and to visit those who cannot regularly attend church for services and functions (e.g., those who are in nursing homes or are otherwise unable to attend church). Additional Care opportunities will be identified as needs arise.



The Social Bridge is designed to help retired folks meet new friends and enjoy deeper community through large and small group activities. Entering retirement can be a big transition from regular engagement in a working community to forming new community through activities and volunteering. With more time comes greater opportunity to connect. Our team desires to create environments where friendships and community can develop.

Upcoming events are listed on the Events page.



We desire to help Encore participants engage alongside others from 2RC who are already on serving teams in ministries in the community (Meals on Wheels) or at 2RC (set design, building maintenance, etc.). We will maintain a list of specific opportunities and contacts to connect people who want to serve in whatever environment or setting they feel called or comfortable.

For help getting connected with service opportunities, contact KEN BURG.

To browse service opportunities within 2RC, visit 2RC.tv/serve.

To browse service opportunities in the community, visit 2RC.tv/serviceopps.


This Bridge is being designed to reach the largest section of our Encore members. The current vision for the All-Call Bridge is to engage participants in service projects that generally take place at Two Rivers Church’s Harrison Lane Campus. These projects will typically take place around tables that allow you to simultaneously socialize and serve. We are working at becoming a significant player in the Operation Christmas Child efforts in Knoxville.



The Hospitality Bridge is designed to show Christ’s love to people in the Encore group, church members and people outside our walls. We can achieve this by organizing meals for Encore gatherings, for Encore members who have been ill or are experiencing a death in their family and are not affiliated with a 2RC Group.



The purpose of the Mentoring Bridge is to connect Encore participants with mentees who need a trusted and experienced person to counsel, train, equip, or advise them. Members of this Bridge-team become vetted to work with such ministries as our 2RC Family Ministries, our 2RC Harbor Ministries, Kids Hope USA, CASA, Bridge Refugee, Generous House, and others.



Our intention of the Consulting Bridge is to find those challenging places that sometimes slow people down as they enter and navigate through retirement. Challenges like: re-purposing and positioning, finances, gift-ministry alignment, time management, along with others yet to be discovered.