Christmas. – A Holy Curiosity

Speaker: Brad Brinson

Date: 2018-12-09

We continue our verse by verse study of Luke’s historic record of the Christmas story. We know Mary played a big part. But have you ever asked yourself what actions she took to join God in what He was doing in her life? Hint: She began by employing some Holy Curiosity… and it ism something we all need to experience God working in and through our lives.  BULLETIN


Speaker: Brad Brinson

Date: 2018-12-02

Imagine what this month would be like if we stripped away all of stuff that’s been added onto Christmas… I admit, I would miss the eggnog and the tree… I would miss a lot of it. I like sugar cookies. We admittedly like our traditions. Nothing wrong with traditions. But how about we this year we also make an intentional effort to focus on the simple but powerful message of Christmas that we too often miss, because we’re so busy gift shopping, or decorating, or attending the next Christmas event.  BULLETIN