Spring 2023 Vision Calendar

What are these events, and why are they important for our vision?

"All In" Prayer Nights

We believe life is best lived when we actively pursue God and experience the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit together. These nights are focused on coming together to do just that. It’s a night to reset, re-focus, and get involved! During “All In,” we offer ways to get involved and serve in our family as well as in our community. We pray together… worship together… and go “all in” together!

Serve Saturday

In years past, we hosted one weekend a year where we would close our doors and encourage you to serve in our community. While we loved seeing the impact Christ has on others during this weekend, we wanted to create opportunities for you to serve more frequently outside our doors.
We have designated 2-3 Saturdays throughout the year for you to be the hands and feet of Christ to those around you. We offer specific projects for ministries we partner with as a church, but also encourage you and your group to serve where you feel led.

Vision Weekend

Vision Weekend is our chance to inform the church of important decisions, plans, and visions for the next ministry year. We use this time to present critical church-wide decisions, budgets, and events during our time of worship. We like to use this weekend to celebrate the year we have had and also celebrate the year we look forward to.

Quiet Waters

The primary goal of Quiet Waters is simply this: to come into God’s presence and be with Him! It is not for teaching, although there will be brief instruction sessions on the process of being in His presence. It is not for worship, although there will be sessions of singing, worship, and praise. It is not primarily for prayer, although we may have times of both personal & reflective prayer as well as corporate and small group prayer. Our goal is simply to seek The Father…and to learn better how to just be with Him. Consider Quiet Waters an investment in your soul.